Why do Real Estate Professionals like to deal with SpringTown   Business Parks?
  All agents are welcomed and protected. We provide exceptional services
  to all agents above and beyond our competition.

How does Spring Town provide Real Estate Professionals a service   when in fact the service is to be provided by the Real Estate Professional?
  Very simple, we do all of the work for you. Just introduce a client to
  us with all of the information (size of space, type of business, length
  of term) and our experienced staff will do all of the work. Our firm
  will show numerous locations, negotiate the terms, prepare all of the agreements and   close the deal.

   What happens after the Tenant executes the lease?
  The Offer to Lease is sent to your office for request of a commission
  invoice, which is then paid promptly upon receipt (after tenant's cheque
  clears), not when the Tenant takes occupancy.

   How do Real Estate Professionals keep in touch with their client and
  provide support as most clients are accustomed to prior to finalizing
  the deal?
  All agents are welcomed to provide their services at anytime.

   Why does Spring Town provide such a simple and effortless service to  agents?
  Many clients have requirements that must be answered immediately. We
  feel that if we can provide all of the information and answer the
  questions the clients have on the spot, the client will lease the
  premises on the spot.


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