We have created this FAQ section to better help you find your answers to questions you want to ask   regarding our rental properties.

  Who is Spring Town Business Parks?
  A family business started by Mario Di Pede and now continuing with his
  two sons Tony and Dave. The family prides on quality construction and
  property management. They believe that the properties must be
  maintained on a daily basis to extreme standards. Integrity in design,
  maintenance and personal service is what the family believes keeps the
  properties at 99% occupancy rate.

  What size units does Spring Town have and what is the availability?
  The units range in size from 800 to 124,000 square feet, and there are hundreds of   them. To check on availability look in our space available
page or call our office.

  Can I contact Spring Town directly for rental rates and information?
  Absolutely! You can call our office for any information you require.

  What is the Tenant responsible for upon renting a unit?
  The Tenant is responsible for gas, hydro, internal maintenance and snow clearing of   sidewalk in front of their entrances. All other maintenance is maintained by Spring   Town. Our telephone messaging service provides 24 hr emergency service.

  What happens if I outgrow the space or for some reason I cannot fulfill my lease terms?
  Anytime during the lease if larger space is required, our firm will provide alternative space within our business parks.
  If we cannot provide the space your firm requires or if you cannot fulfill the lease, then we will attempt to lease your   space, and once leased   we will release your firm (check with Spring Town for full details).

  How do I know that Spring Town is honest to their word, performance and all of the above?
  Simple, just walk into anyone of buildings and ask the tenants. Our pride and performance speaks for itself.
  Testimonials are only valid if you here it direct not published on a web site or an advertisement.
  The majority of rentals with our occur by word of mouth and referrals from existing and previous tenants.
  In today's society we believe that everyone deserves the ultimate in service.



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