The hassle-free maintenance program included in the monthly common area maintenance fees

   1. Lawn care (cutting, weed and fertilizer spraying). Tree and shrub care.

   2. Lawn sprinkler startup and shutdown and maintenance for the greener lawn.

   3. HVAC (heating/cooling equipment) complete service including heat exchanger’s and compressors.

   4. All mechanical service calls.

   5. Quarterly HVAC tune up, change filters, belts, and oil system, and complete check-up.

   6. All door locking systems.

   7. Fire sprinkler alarm monitoring by ULC approved service, including monthly inspections.

   8. Realty & business taxes.

   9. Fire insurance (content insurance and liability not included).

   10. Annual roof tune ups.

   11. Roof leaks.

   12. Roof and wall caulking.

   13. Asphalt repairs.

   14. Tax assessment appeals.

   15. Parking lot line painting.

   16. Exterior lighting - front door coach lamps, pot lights and shipping area HPS flood lighting all on photocell’s                  (hydro included).

   17. Driveway asphalt maintenance and repairs.

   18. Snow clearing, removal and salting.

   19. Plumbing, toilets, sinks and exterior hose bib maintenance.

   20. Sewer and water maintenance, including sewer flushing.

   21. Building directory board, signs and parking lot sign maintenance.

   22. Glass break coverage.

   23. Draperies in every unit.

   24. Burglar alarms in every unit.

   25. Quarterly window and door washing.

   26. Spring clean-up and flushing of driveways.

   27. Weekly grounds clean-up.

   28. Ceramic vestibules and washroom maintenance, and replaced periodically.

   29. Garage door weather stripping maintenance.

   30. 24 hour - 7 days a week telephone call or email service.

   31. Meter room access - 24/7.

   32. Sidewalk & curb cleaning and maintenance.

   33. Mailbox maintenance and replaced every five years.

   34. Unit heater service and maintenance.

 Our goal at Springtown is to assist you in the success of your business.


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