AN OFFICE should ideally have enough space not   merely to seat its employees , but to locate ancillary and    support services , from the stately boardroom to the   humble pantry , as well as for circulation between these areas,   
with adequate access to stairs and fire escapes.

   PLANNING THE OFFICE : To plan an office effectively ,   our designer's have a thorough understanding of the functional   and aesthetic requirements of the client , followed by an in-depth   evaluation of the possibilities and constraints of the given space   including columns , beams , existing plumbing and so on. An   office should ideally have enough space not merely to seat its   employees , but to locate ancillary and support services , from the   stately boardroom to the humble pantry , as well as for circulation   between these areas , with adequate access to stairs and fire   escapes.

THE RECEPTION AREA : It is the reception area  that makes the first impact on the visitor and which colors his expectation of the space ahead.

If the business of the company calls for continuous interaction with guests who need to be suitably impressed , then it is important that the reception area be adequately dressed.

   The Conference room is the central area of any office and can    give impressions to anyone new having meeting in that room
   Conference should ideally be easily accessible from the    entrance , so that the visitors do not have to travel all over the    office.
   The equipment necessary for presentations , such as a    screen, TV , video monitor , black board , flip chart etc , needs    to be provided .
   The design should provide a calm , neutral background for    visual presentation and adequate lighting.
   The furniture and ambience should be designed so that the    participants can communicate with each other.

   Thus , planning the ideal offices large and small , our    professionals can help make the complicated thing , simple to    understand and to work out. Contact Us and tell us what you    need.





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